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7 Books for the Seasoned Mason

This article is the third in a series highlighting some the best print resources available to the Brethren no matter what their interest or where they are in their Masonic journey. All of the books mentioned in this article are available to borrow from the Lodge library.

Today we take a look at books for veteran Masons, those Brothers who have been active in Lodge for a few years and are now ready to sponsor a candidate or accept a position in the officer line.


Introduction to Freemasonry

Carl H. Claudy – 1931

An integral part of the education of all the Brethren of Fellowship Lodge, Introduction to Freemasonry or “The Claudy Books” should be familiar to you all, but when was the last time you read them? Clocking in at one hundred eighty pages of pocket sized goodness, we recommend rereading the books before each Degree cycle, particularly if you are a sponsor or mentor to a candidate. This allows the veteran Mason not only to converse with the new Brethren about their studies, but also to go into each Degree with a fresh understanding of the Work.


Solomon’s Memory Palace: A Freemason's Guide to the Ancient Art of Memoria Verborum Bob W. Lingerfelt – 2018

Each Brother of the Lodge faces the unique challenge of having to memorize long passages verbatim with out the assistance of the usual memorization tools we were taught in school. Solomon’s Memory Palace attempts to remedy this by applying the “memory palace” style of learning to the needs of the Craft.


3-5-7 Minute Talks on Freemasonry

Elbert Bede – 1981

The further one progresses through the chairs the more likely it will be that they will be call on to give a short set of remarks without prior preparation. As these speeches often occur before dinner, short is the operative word and it is here that Bro. Bede lends his wisdom. With topics ranging from the true meaning of charity to biographies of the ancient patrons of the arts and sciences you will never be a loss when call to give your remarks.


One Hundred Short Masonic Prayers

May Stafford Hilburn – 1979

Just as the veteran Mason may be called on without warning to give a set of rousing remarks, so too may he be called on to take care of the spiritual well-being of his Brothers by offering a prayer either during the course of a meeting or in the dining hall. This volume serves to assist in that duty with special prayers for each month, holiday and occasion., offering a hand when divine inspiration isn’t readily available.


A Masonic Thought for Each Day of the Year

Alphonse Cerza – 1972

Exactly what it says on the tin, A Masonic Thought for Each Day of the Year is a series of 365 Masonic “devotionals”. We recommend these short passages for any Brother who is finding it more difficult than usual to work his ashlar. By meditating on the short statements each morning he is better enabled to work productively on his spiritual temple as the day unwinds.


The Initatic Experience: Ancient Pathways that Led to Your Initiation into Freemasonry

Robert Herd – 2012

Freemasonry is the modern embodiment of a millennia long tradition of initatic experiences. Bro. Herd explores these predecessor orders, along with their processes, methods and lessons. We encourage this book for every Brother attending a Degree; enabling them to better understand the purpose of that ritual and it’s ties to a web of experiences ranging from coming of age rituals in the Amazon to the mystery cults of Egypt. We further hope that once a Brother has this knowledge he will endeavor to pass on the appropriate experience to each and every candidate.


Roberts Rules of Order: Masonic Edition

Michael R. Poll – 2009

While every Lodge has a Past Master who will be quick to point out that Freemasonry doesn’t follow Roberts Rules of Order, if only for the reason that we predate the book by almost one hundred sixty years, it is indisputable that quite a bit of parliamentary procedure has made its way into the Craft. This book serves to focus on those areas of overlap while integrating variations particular to our Order including the prerogatives of the Worshipful Master and Anderson’s Constitutions

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