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April 2022


We are finally entering into Spring with the warmer weather approaching. I am hoping to see more of you joining us at Lodge.

Our last meeting was quite the event. We had an excellent presentation by our Senior Warden on “Sticks.”

We also were able to begin the workings of getting our First Master, Hector Orr’s apron restored and preserved to be added to the library we have in the works. It will be an excellent piece of our history that we can display with great pride.

I want to extend a special invitation to the brethren to come out and support our newest Entered Apprentices as they exemplify the First Degree. John and Billy have been diligently working on improving themselves in Masonry, and I welcome brothers who haven’t been around for a while to see the fruit of their labors.

The district exemplification of the First Degree will be the 18th at the Tri Town Masonic Building. I encourage all the officers to study and keep me updated on your progress and if you will have any difficulties with attending.

I am delighted to say that our joint venture with our sister lodge, Bristol Lodge is coming along and I would like to invite everyone to come out for a “Taste of Scotland” on April 30th. Doors open at 2 pm, and the cost is $30 per ticket and $10 for a commemorative glass ($12 on the day of the event). It will be an excellent time and I welcome all to come and enjoy good fellowship with your brethren.


Wor. Bro. Jeremy Manuel Silva Master

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