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Daughters of Mokanna

The Daughters of Mokanna s a fraternal organization for ladies founded in 1919. The purpose of our Order is to support Grottoes International in their efforts, and to provide fun, fellowship, comfort and aid to one another. Their premier charity is the Grotto's Humanitarian Foundation, which provides dental care for special needs children.

The aim of the Daughters of Mokanna is to bring into closer relationship the families of Grotto members and to promote Sociability, Friendship, Charity, Education and Patriotism. The purpose of the Order is to assist and cooperate with the local Grotto in every way possible. They endeavor to make our Ceremonials full of fun to help us to forget the worries of everyday life. Above all, we strive for cheerful good fellowship and to aid and comfort one another.

Although the Daughters of Mokanna was originally founded for female relatives of Grotto members, time and society has allowed them to seek members who are related to a Master Mason. Ladies who are currently members of other organizations recognized by the Masonic fraternity are also eligible for membership.

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