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Famous Freemason - Abraham Zapruder

"Then I heard another shot which hit him right in the head, over here, and his head practically opened up and a lot of blood and many more things came out."

Russian born Abraham Zapruder immigrated in 1920 and worked in a New York dress factory. Marrried in the 1930s, he and his wife Lillian had two children, Myrna and Henry. He founded Jennifer Juniors of Dallas in 1949 with Abraham Schwartz.

On November 22, 1963 John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas. The only film record of this event was made by Abraham Zapruder.

Life magazine purchased the rights in 1963 for $150,000, $25,000 of which Zapruder donated to the Fireman’s and Policeman’s Benevolence Fund for the benefit of Mrs. Tippit, the widow of the policeman slain by Oswald. The camera was given to Bell & Howell in exchange for a sound projector which Zapruder donated to the Golden Age Group seniors home.

On April 9, 1975, Life magazine returned the film to the Zapruder estate for one dollar.

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