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Famous Freemason - Dominique You


Born Fredric Youx in 1775 at Cette, France. Bro. You served as an artilleryman in the French Revolutionary Army. In 1802 he accompanied General Charles Leclerc's failed expedition to quell Toussaint Louverture's Haitian Revolution.

Following the Hatian's expulsion of the French forces, Bro. You found himself in Louisiana He became the captain of the pirate ship Le Pandoure, earning the nicknamed "Captain Dominique" by the French and "Johnness" by the Americans. During this time Bro. You acquired a reputation for being very bold and daring becoming a successful smugglers in the Louisiana bayous.

In July 1814, Bro. You was publicly identified as a pirate and in September 1814, he was in a pirate camp at Barataria Bay when it was captured by American forces; he was taken prisoner.

The War of 1812, presented Bro. You with an opportunity however, where he and several other Baratarian pirates offer to help defend New Orleans against the impending British invasion, in exchange for full pardons.

Bro. You died in New Orleans in 1830, receiving military honors, with the square and compasses gracing his headstone.

Bro. You was a member of La Concorde No. 3 Lodge in New Orleans.

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