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February 2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Hello Brethern,

We are a month into the new year, and the officers are hard at work preparing for the first degree on the 28th of February. We hope to put on an excellent degree for our two new candidates. Please come out and support your brothers and soon-to-be newest brothers that night. The Lodge has also voted on our down payment for the reservation at the Easton Country Club for our golf tournament in October, and I am very excited to see this event take shape. We also have dates for our annual camp outing at Maple Park. August 11th through the 14th, the Secretary has provided the information in this notice. Please contact me if you plan to attend and how many guests you will have attending. This event has been a cornerstone for us as a lodge since Worshipful MacKeen started it years ago.

I want to say thank you to Worshipful Berry for his presentation on "The Altar and Symbolism" at the meeting. It has opened the floor to our discussions on what to do for our 225th anniversary! It is fast approaching, and it is something that I will take great pride in presenting to brotherhood as Master.

Wor. Jeremy Silva

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