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Knights of Saint Andrew

The Knights of Saint Andrew exist as a service organization on behalf of all members of their Consistory. They are under the immediate supervision of the Secretary of their Scottish Rite Consistory and provide services where they are needed. This includes, but not limited to, aiding the Tylers, acting as greeters, providing escort services for dignitaries or for special events created for the ladies during reunions or other functions, serving as guides, assisting the Scottish degree work, helping present the Colors. Knights of St. Andrew also assist in the calling committees, participate in parades or civic activities, promote fund-raising events, and aid in any special event. The list can continue on as new ideas and concepts are developed to meet needs and goals.

There is no “official” headquarters or central authority of the Knights of St. Andrew, no uniform, no required procedures or prescribed ritual. The attire and regalia varies from one Chapter to another. That being said, many Chapters have embraced a uniform consisting of Scottish Casual or Highland Formal dress.

Membership is open to all 32º Scottish Rite Masons who have not received the Meritorious Service Award.

In Massachusetts the Knights hold two major events each year, The Banquet of Bannockburn, on or near June 23rd; and the Feast of St. Andrew on or near November 30th where they induct new members.

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