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Knights of the York Cross of Honor

The Knights of the York Cross of Honour was formed in Monroe, North Carolina on March 13,1930. On June 6,1930 the Convent General of the United States of America was formed to administer the Order. Membership in the Knights of the York Cross of Honour (KYCH) cannot be applied for. In order to be considered for membership, a proposed candidate must have serve as presiding officer of a Blue Lodge, Royal Arch Chapter, Cryptic Council, and Commandery of Knights Templar.

Any Knight, having served as presiding officer in any Grand Bodies of Symbolic, Capitular, Cryptic or Chivalric Masonry, shall be entitled to the rank and decoration of Knight York Grand Cross of Honour.

The meaning of membership in K.Y.C.H. can best be explained by a closing statement of Most Eminent Knight Donald E. Friend, Grand Master General, at his Convent General Session in 1995 , “As a Knight of the York Cross of Honour, you are a proven servant of the Masonic Fraternity , your inspiration has came from your Past, your duty is in the present , your Hope is in the Future, I ask you always to remember?n all you do , In all you say, In all of your actions, take a good look at yourself, you are someone impression of Freemasonry.

The principal charity of the KYCH is The York Cross of Honour Medical Research Foundation which supports research for the causes, prevention and treatment of cancer and in particular treatment of Melanoma. As a partner in the progress against Melanoma and research projects that will eventually benefit patients with melanoma an annual contribution is made by the York Cross of Honour Medical Research to the Norris Cotton Cancer to help provide financial assistance in finding ways to combat this disease.

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