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Late Week Masonic Missives For August 12-20


The Fort Worth Masonic Podcast interviewed Brother Greg Kaminsky of the Occult of Personality podcast, and Masonry an D&D.

The Fraternal Review discussed Freemasonry and subculture.

Freemasonry in Seven Minuets or Less revisited the letter G.

The Freemasonry Podcast explored Freemasonry in alternate universes, and Masonry and witchcraft.

The Short Talk Bulletin read Masonry By Example, and What See You.

Solomon's Staircase spotlighted California Lodges.

Whence Came You discussed practical balance.

The Working Tools Podcast interviewed Brother Edward Woods, the Grand Master of Washington.



The Traveling Templar discussed Holy Esclarmonde de Foix.

The Midnight Freemasons announced the latest presentation in North Carolina's Middle Chamber education series, and the Craft's influence on college sororities and fraternities.

The Magpie Mason looked at the latest meeting of Civil War Lodge, the condemnation from the Grand Orient of France regarding the attempt on Solomon Rushdie's life, and the Grand Master of Israels statement on bringing women into regular craft Masonry.

Freemasonry for Dummies highlighted some newly discovered treasure from the vaults of the Grand Lodge of Indiana, a truly awful idea, and the subsequent damage control.

The Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library Blog highlighted new photos of the DeMolay Patrol and Band.

The NMJ Blog interviewed John J. Hetherson, a recent graduate of the Hauts Grades Academy.

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