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March 2022

Hello Brethren,

Congratulations to our newest Entered Apprentices, Billy Hoang and John Pagnotta. It is a pleasure to be able to call you brother after all this time and I hope you will continue to enjoy the friendship and brotherly love of the Lodge.

I would also like to thank my Line Officers; we had a few bumps in the road, but we accomplished a significant undertaking! I am looking forward to the officers and myself conferring the rest of the degrees on our candidates.

We have some important dates coming up; March will be a busy month. March 14th is our regular state meeting and I hope we can finalize our plans for a few more events this year we have had in the works. On the 19th, we are still looking for more brothers to sign up for Go Kart racing at Supercharge in Wrentham; please reach out to Brother Michael Perez or myself to let us know you will be attending. On the 24th, we will be hosting the Lodge of Instruction. Let’s bring the trophy back to Fellowship! March 26th is the Exemplification Workshop in Brockton from 8 am-12 pm (The first hour will be donuts and coffee, with the workshop starting at 9 am). Line Officers should try to make every effort to attend.

Lastly, I would like to reference a recent listen I was introduced to by Worshipful MacKeen, episode 532 of the “Whence Came You?” podcast. They had Masonic education enthusiast Jordan Kelly, and he gave a great interview regarding the 5 Es of Lodge Success. I won’t give away the entire episode as I recommend everyone go give it a listen, but the first “E” Education has been a significant aspect of what we as a lodge have been striving to refine this year. I want to continue having a lecture of some Masonic significance at our state meetings, providing a bit of light to our brothers when they attend. I call out to every brother to challenge yourself to think of some light that you can share with your brethren and contact me. I will set you up with some time to speak at one of our regular communications.


Worshipful Jeremy Silva

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