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May 2022


First, thank you to all my line officers that attended exemplification for the first degree. We came in and pulled through strong.

I would also like to congratulate our two Entered Apprentices, Brother John Pagnotta and Brother Billy Hoang for their exemplification as well. I have seen some amazing work all around the first degree in the last couple months and it makes me feel very proud of everyone that participated.

Now we move onto the second degree.We have had some bumps in the road with the improvements towards the kitchen but we will continue to strive forward and make the building something that we can be proud of to bring all our future families and future brethren together to enjoy more good fellowship and make more memories.

Dates for May I would love to see a good showing of the brethren at are May 9th, The Right Worshipful District Deputy Douglas Massey will be joining us that day for our Fraternal.

May 16th our scheduled Regular Business Meeting. Lastly May 23rd where will be conferring the Second Degree on our brothers Billy Hoang and John Pagnotta. All to be good times and good fel-lowship.


Wor. Bro. Jeremy Manuel Silva Master

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