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Midweek Masonic Missives For April 13-19


Fraternal Review highlighted this month's issue on the Festive Board.

Historical Light presented the tight-knit fraternity between the Grand Lodge of Kansas and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Kansas.

Masonic Lite interviewed Bro. Tommy Long of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

The Short Talk Bulletin read Acacia Leaves and Easter Lillies from 1929 and The Urgency of Civility from 2022.

Whence Came You asked us to Stop Changing Freemasonry.



The Midnight Freemasons explored Freemasons on the Titanic and encouraged us all to visit our local used bookstores.

The Magpie Mason announced the newest Fellows of the American Lodge of Research, announced the opening of the Zanesville time capsule, and gave a news update.

Freemasonry for Dummies encouraged its readers to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign of Indiana University's Center for Fraternal Collections and Research.

The Traveling Templar offered a Springtime Prayer and celebrated Easter.

The Scottish Rite Library and Museum highlighted the exhibition of the Lexington Alarm Letter.

The Scottish Rite NMJ announced their new Pathfinder Program.

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