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Midweek Masonic Missives For April 6-12


The Freemasonry Podcast recounted the Rasputin Freemason Saga.

Historical Light published their April 1 podcast just a little late.

The Masonic Roundtable discussed Corn, Wine and Oil.

The Short Talk Bulletin read Balloting from 1948 and The Black Cube from 1929.

Solomon's Staircase told explored Why I Became a Mason and Various Discussions on Freemasonry.

Universal Freemasonry spoke on Manly P Hall and the Great Work.

Whence Came You proclaimed Not All Men are Redeemable.

The Working Tools Podcast continued to study the 24 inch Gauge.



The Midnight Freemasons announced the consecration of the Ellisville Missouri Temple, related Cat Stevens to Freemasonry, and presented the Occult Lodge.

The Magpie Mason shared the upcoming California Masonic Symposium and this year's Wendell K, Walker Lecture. It further announced that Angel Millar will be speaking at the Fourth Manhattan District Square Club.

The Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction reported on last week's joint memorandum with the NMJ.

Freemasonry for Dummies chronicled the Treaty of Amnesty between the Grand Lodge of Georgina and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia, and the newest 780 Ohio Masons.

The Traveling Templar wrote in from the Oregon Grand York Rite sessions.

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