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Midweek Masonic Missives For December 8-14

Updated: Dec 29, 2021


The First Three Knocks explored esoterics beyond the Blue Lodge.

The Freemasons Podcast discussed the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

The Masonic Roundtable visited the Masonic wonders of the world.

The Short Talk Bulletin Podcast presented Bro. Carl Claudy's exploration of Deacons and Stewards, and an unknown Brother's discussion of the Masonic rod.

Solomon’s Staircase Lodge read chapter forty-one of Mackey’s Revised History of Freemasonry and Bro. Jim Tresner’s article on the regalia of the fourth through tenth Degree of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite.

Universal Freemason Podcast reviewed Claudy’s writings on the meaning of Christmas.

Whence Came You? continued their study of Elohim by investigating Elohim and the Ineffable.



The Midnight Freemasons discussed the connection between scouting and Masonry and reported on the one hundred seventy fifth anniversary of Olive Branch Lodge #38.

The Magpie Mason explored the duties of the Stewards and Tylers, reminded us to expect the unexpected, and memorialized Bros. Robert N. Stutz and George Washington.

Freemasonry for Dummies previewed this weekend’s Double Eagle Con, discussed a little know work inspired by Manly P. Hall, and announced the MSA’s appeal for Kentucky.

The Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library Blog honored Bro. Benjamin Franklin.

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