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Midweek Masonic Missives For January 12-18


Freemasonry in 7 Minutes or Less explored the 33rd Degree and beyond.

Masonic Lite celebrated the new year.

The Masonic Round Table spoke with Bro. Ryan Flynn about symbolism and the creative process.

The Short Talk Bulletin read Every Brother His Own Tyler from 1929 and Leadership is Expected and Respected.

Solomon’s Staircase Lodge continued Chapter 44 of Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and explored sacred geometry.

Whence Came You discussed the wrong leaders.

The Working Tools Podcast began a series on the Warden's columns.



The Magpie Mason reported on Google's latest illuminati plot and Delaware's "Railroad Degree".

The Scottish Rite Museum and Library Blog detailed the lives of Brothers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

The Midnight Freemasons presented the sixth article in their Whither Are We Traveling series, explored the other Elvis, and Traditional Observance Lodges.

The Scottish Rite NMJ Blog featured a reflection on the 26th Degree - Friend and Brother Eternal.

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