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Midweek Masonic Missives For January 26 - February 1


The First Three Knock explored the Chinese origin of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry in 7 Minutes or Less shared an interview with Chris Earnshaw on the Masonic Muscle podcast, examined the theory behind life memberships and how to improve you public speaking skills.

The Freemasonry Podcast the highlighted the importance of Lodge security.

Masonic Lite discussed how to bring a body back from the brink and when to let it fold.

The Short Talk Bulletin read Robert Burns from 1922 and A Masons Faith by Bro. Carl Claudy.

Solomon’s Staircase Lodge read Chapter 45 of Mackey's Revised History of Freemasonry.

Universal Freemasonry spoke about Freemasonry as a type of worship.

Whence Came You interviewed Bro. Frank Conway about his study of the Degrees of the NMJ, the Masonic Pageant.

The Working Tools Podcast began a series on Silence and Solemnity in the Craft.



The Magpie Mason revealed a mighty secret, promoted Garibaldi Lodge No. 542's Entered Apprentice Degree. They also discussed the language of delightful sensation, a competition for the children of New York's First Masonic District, and debunked the Myth of the Masonic Capital.

Freemasonry for Dummies reported on the cancellation of The Lost Symbol, the banning of the Widows Sons in Georgia, and the newest book from the Masonic Book Club.

The Midnight Freemasons reviewed Look to the East, Superintending the Craft through Eastern Practices, walked a symbolic path and presented Part 7 of Whither are We Traveling.

The Scottish Rite NMJ Blog featured a biography of Bro. Voltaire.

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