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Midweek Masonic Missives For June 23-29


The Fraternal Review released a Moby Dick soundscape.

Freemasonry in 7 Minuets or Less accepted the Royal Arch challenge and revealed the answer to the Royal Arch.

Historical Light highlighted Justice Lodge No. 457 under the Grand Lodge of Kansas.

The Masonic Roundtable discussed Freemasonry and the intelligence community.

The Short Talk Bulletin read The Lodge of Silence and A World of Priorities.

Solomon's Staircase read Fatherhood and Freemasonry.

Whence Came You discussed the connections between the Templars, Cathars and Merovingians.

The Working Tools Podcast began their discussion of Masonic aprons.



The Traveling Templar revealed the Rite of Baldwyn, and wished their readers a happy St. John's day.

The Midnight Freemasons discussed the peril of committees, the world's tallest Mason and contemplation in noisy environments.

The Magpie Mason revealed Pennsylvania's most fraternal beverage, noted that the stars have aligned, celebrated a 101st installation and discussed the latest goings on of the American Research Lodge.

Freemasonry for Dummies reported on the Huston Scottish Rite hostage situation.

The NMJ Blog welcomed 45 Valleys of Excellence.

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