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Midweek Masonic Missives For May 18-25


Freemasonry in 7 Minutes or Less spoke on the Ashlars.

The Freemasons Podcast discussed Bro. David Wooster.

Historical Light explained the concept of personalized Masonry.

The Masonic Roundtable explained vouching for a Brother.

The Short Talk Bulletin read Communicating Masonry and The Sword In The Stone from 1947.

Whence Came You explored Jewish Freemasonry.

The Working Tools Podcast continued their discussion with the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Washington.



The Midnight Freemasons looked at Masonic funeral rights, cryptic contemplations, and Part 6 of the Occult Lodge.

Freemasonry for Dummies reported on the expulsion of a Brother in Tennessee for performing a same sex marriage.

The Magpie Mason explored Masonry and the IRA, a new Masonic fiction novel, and the life of Bro. Lafayette. They toured the Colonial Room of the Grand Lodge of New York, dug deep into the meaning of the Square and Plumb, lamented the destruction of an NJ Temple and advertised a fundraiser for Fredericksburg Lodge #4.

The Scottish Rite Museum and Library exhibited some items related to Prince Hall.

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