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Midweek Week Masonic Missives For August 21-25

" risking conveyance to the town government.


At Refreshment interviewed Bro. Chris Hathaway from the Valley of Danville.

Freemasonry in Seven Minuets or Less looked at Mani and the Widow's Son.

Historical Light chronicled the history of the Gardner Masonic Temple.

Masonic Lite interviewed Bro. Brian McHale the editor of the Trowel and became deeply confused about who the oldest Grand Lodge in the United States is.

The Short Talk Bulletin read Ritual in Freemasonry, and Hands in Freemasonry.

Whence Came You discussed a shift in pride.

The Working Tools Podcast continued their interview Brother Edward Woods, the Grand Master of Washington.



The Traveling Templar discussed his busy day of honorary York Rite Masonry.

The Midnight Freemasons announced the another presentation in North Carolina's Middle Chamber series and the Magick of King Solomon.

The Magpie Mason commented on a New York Masonic "church" risking conveyance to the town goverment.

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