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Midweek Week Masonic Missives For August 26-30


At Refreshment interviewed Bro. Brent Magussen.

The First Three Knocks discussed the Metro West Masonic Association.

Fort Worth Masonic Podcast interviewed Bro. Ben Williams.

The Freemsonry Podcast noted that demons run when a good man goes to war.

The Short Talk Bulletin read Appearance and Reality.

Solomon's Staircase read chapter 53 of Mackey's Revised History.

Whence Came You discussed the Rosicrucian Hermetic legend.

The Working Tools Podcast continued their interview Brother Edward Woods, the Grand Master of Washington.



The Traveling Templar discussed the 2022 KYCH Convent General.

The Midnight Freemasons commented on shifting pride, the Mason who dropped the bomb.

Freemasonry Information commented on the symbolism of pillars in Masonry.

The Magpie Mason discussed the latest updates at the American Lodge of Research.

The Scottish Rite Museum and Library exhibited their newest watercolor.

The NMJ Blog highlighted the best ways to journey on.

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