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Midweek Week Masonic Missives For December 18-22


Craftcast explained some terminology.

Craftsman Online recapped their top ten episodes.

The First Three Knocks traveled from Minnesota to Nicaragua.

The Five of Nine Podcast interviewed the Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire.

Historical Light looked at dues cards and regularity through the ages.

Meet, Act and Part reviewed 2022.

Rocky Mountain Mason interviewed Bro. Chris Earnshaw.

The Short Talk Bulletin read Swaddling Clothes and The Cradle And The Lodge.

The Traveling Man interviewed Bro. Austin Shifrin, author of More Light: Collected Masonic Writings 2017-2021.

The Tyler's Place discussed Masonic cocktails and holiday dreams.

Whence Came You took a look at the wild hunt.

The Working Tools Podcast looked at the secrets of a 50 year Mason.



The Magpie Mason unveiled National Grotto Month, and gave a Hanukkah PSA.

The Traveling Templar announced the death of Bro. Rex Hutchens.

The Midnight Freemasons celebrated the Festival of Lights.

Freemasonry for Dummies mourned the death of Bro. Hutches.

The Scottish Rite Library and Museum highlighted a unique hourglass.

The NMJ Blog recapped the NMJ's Night of Charity.

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