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Midweek Week Masonic Missives For November 17-23


At Refreshment interviewed Bro. John Meek about his latest book.

Craftsman Online interviewed Bro. Anthony Prrzzia.

Freemasonry In 7 Minutes explored Mormonism and Freemasonry.

Historical Light covered the Order of DeMolay.

Keepers of the Word discussed the Physical and the Spiritual.

Looking East interviewed Bro. Darrel Pickler.

The Masonic Roundtable celebrated the harvest.

Points of Light investigated the The Incorporation of Hammermen.

Ridecast got back in the saddle.

The Short Talk Bulletin read Secrecy In Symbolism, What's Your Answer?, and For the Good of the Order.

Solomon's Staircase read Chapter 55 of Mackey's Revised History, and Places With Masonic Ties.

The Traveling Man wrapped up Season 2.

Whence Came You explored Truth on Thanksgiving.

The Winding Stairs discussed politics and religion.

The Working Tools Podcast continued to discussed ways to motivate Masons.



The Magpie Mason showed off the ALR's new duds, previewed a new biography of Paul Lawrence Dunbar, and continued their coverage of the Scottish Freemasonry Symposium.

The Midnight Freemasons revisited Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation.

The Traveling Templar highlighted Grand Encampment's Holy Land Pilgrimage.

The Scottish Rite Museum and Library showcased a Rainbow Apron.

The NMJ Blog celebrated three award nods for the Journey On campaign, and presented some stylish Black Friday purchases.

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