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Midweek Week Masonic Missives For October 6-12


The First Three Knocks interviewed Bro. Johnny Royal.

The Freemasons Podcast discussed how to form a Destination Lodge.

Historic Light reviewed the life of Bro. James Naismith.

The Short Talk Bulletin read Relief.

The Universal Freemason Podcast discussed how esoteric studies can help a Brother reboot.

Whence Came You looked for Hermes Trismegistus.

The Working Tools Podcast asked why our ranks are dwindling.



The Midnight Freemasons discussed self tyling and revisited the Palladian Rite.

Freemasonry for Dummies caught up on some personal stuff.

The Scottish Rite Museum and Library highlighted the Hurricane Gavel.

The Magpie Mason bid adieu to, reviewed the latest documentary on the Knights Templar, announced the winners of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania's art contest, the latest meeting of the American Research Lodge and the return of the Knapp-Hall tarot deck.

The NMJ Blog discussed the Consistory.

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