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Oct 2022

Hello Brethren,


We have completed the official meeting with the District Deputy Grand Master, and I would like to give special recognition to our secretary Frank Czarnowski, past master Jason MacKeen and brother Fellowcraft Billy Hoang for doing an excellent job on everything for the official. I would also like to thank past master Leslie Hutchinson for stepping back as marshal for the evening; we have missed you.

It brings me to a particular topic for many brethren; it has been a while since we have seen you at the lodge. I know the pandemic shifted a lot of priorities for everyone and has made it seem like the Mondays on or before the full moon was just a faint memory. So, I am calling out to and summoning every brother to return and share your stories, wisdom, and overall brotherly love back at the lodge. We all swore an obligation to answer regular summons sent me from a lodge if within my cable toe. I ask you to reexamine your cable toes and see if you can find that spark that drew you to the brotherhood and lodge in the first place.

I have heard from a few that they don’t come to the lodge for reasons outside of time, distance, and financial obligations. To those with this reason, I ask you to ask yourself, why? Why do I not attend something that I put so much energy into achieving in the first place? Going through the degrees, taking the time to learn the craft, and putting in the effort to be called “brother,” your reasons are your own, but I ask, is it worth it to harm the craft with the absence of your presence? A lodge is only as strong as its members; for it to be strong, those members need to be active.

I ask you again to examine your reasons for why you haven’t graced the doors of our lodge in a while and then I invite you to remember the obligations we swore to. We will see why Freemasonry has stood for so long and why our lodge, Fellowship Lodge, has been around for over two centuries! I ask because I strongly feel that if we all start to come back and work together to strengthen and live by the tenets of our institution.

I have seen those working so hard for the lodge to provide and still hold that brotherly love for the lodge. I salute you and thank you for your tireless efforts in the lodge. We are making strides to bring back traditions and make new ones so that we all have something to enjoy.

We have many projects on the burners now and as the saying goes, “many hands make light work.” I hope that some of you will reawaken that fire and join the officers, committee members and me in making these projects successful.



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