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Order of the Thistle

A "Fun Degee" of the Scottish Rite held biennial by select valleys the Order of the Thistle tells of the a heroic Scottish victory against foreign invaders with a little help from their national foliage. The Order is open to all Master Masons in good standing and usually features a dinner of that chieftain of the pudding race.

In the traditions of the United Kingdom, The Order of the Thistle in Scotland is one of the three most exalted orders of chivalry: the other two orders are the Order of the Garter in England and the Order of St. Patrick in Ireland. Our modern interpretation of The Order presented locally is an evening of fun, fellowship, and frivolity among fellow Freemasons solely for charitable purposes. It is not a Lodge meeting, nor does it have anything to do with or any association with the awarding of the original official Order of the Thistle. The original order was founded by King James VII of Scotland, who was also King James II of England, in 1687.

The charities supported by the Order are the Scottish Rite Children's Dyslexia Fund and the Grand Almoners Fund.

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