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September 2022

Hello Brethren,

I welcome all of you back to another masonic year. I hope everyone had a relaxing and recharging summer so we may return to our labors with renewed energy. We have many items for this masonic year for the Lodge and the brethren.

I am happy to report that our annual camping event over the summer this year was another successful event. Our brothers and their families enjoy some time in the woods, water, and under the sun, bonding and creating those family memories that we all treasure and will share for years. I look forward to having more brethren and families join us next year.

Looking forward now, we have some fun in store for the brethren. I am getting word from our brothers Lombardi and Bayliss that our First annual golf tournament is coming along nicely and I hope everyone has had a chance to advertise and sign up. The event date is October 3rd and it looks like a fantastic event for Fellowship.

The Officers and I will be hard at work rehearsing for Brother Pagnotta and Brother Hoang's third degree gearing up to have an eventful night. Be on the lookout for the following notice for the date of the degree.

Fraternally, Wor. Jeremy Silva 

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