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Society of Blue Friars

Perhaps the smallest body in Masonry the Blue Friars were formed in 1932, explicitly "to recognize Masonic Authors."

The Friars have no fixed ritual or ceremonies, no dues or fees, and very few records. The name was chosen, presumably, because "Friar" is related to the French word for "Brother," and is therefore appropriate for a Masonic group; but it would also call to mind the monks of the Middle Ages, the ones who wrote most of the books in those days.

The regulations of the order state that "One new Friar shall be appointed each year," but that "additional Friars may be appointed to fill vacancies caused by demise or resignation when the total membership is not over twenty."

Since 1944 the Society has met once a year (except for 1945), in a session that is open to all Masonic Brethren. The "Consistory" takes place in Washington, D.C., in February, as part of the annual Masonic weekend that is sponsored by the Allied Masonic Degrees. At the annual meeting, the new Friar is proclaimed, and is expected to deliver a research paper.

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