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The Heroines of Jericho

The Heroines of Jericho is the female auxiliary of Royal Arch Masonry found primarily in Prince Hall Freemasonry. Local bodies called Courts have a distinctly Christian overtone when compared to most York Rite bodies.

The stated purpose of the Heroines is to extend the principles of the Masonic Order-- teaching its lessons of morality, loyalty, and friendship; also, to encourage and incite the interest of females towards the purposes of the Masonic Order. It is organized for the further purpose of

ameliorating the conditions of the destitute widow and the helpless orphan, and to relieve, as far as possible, the worthy, distressed female traveler.

There are three Degrees of the Heroines: The Heroine of Jericho, the True Kinsman's Degree and the Master Mason's Daughter.

The emblems of the order are:

The Scarlet Chord: An emblem of safety, of recognition. (Joshua 2:18)

The Sheaf of Wheat (Barley): Represents bread, or life-giving food. Bethlehem was called the "Place (or House) of Bread."

The three-tiered Ark: A symbol of safety as found in Noah's Ark. It saved Noah and his family.

Red: Represents the color of prostitution, now Salvation. Also represents Zeal.

White: Represents Innocence and Purity.

Blue: The truest color, representing Friendship, the highest form of love on earth among human beings.

Ark Bearers: Representing the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water). Also the

four squares of the cross.

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