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The Level

"...ever remembering that we are traveling on the level of time to that undiscovered country, from whose bourne no traveler returns."

The true Level is the surface of a fluid at rest, and we shall find the true Freemason when we find a man who has passions and desires like our own, but who is master of his own soul, who can endure the worst calamities of misfortune and not become bitter, and who can meet the greatest good fortune and still keep his feet on the ground.

Men differ in nature, heredity and opportunity, but above all, in the ability to make full use of their talents or to overcome their disabilities. We can all, however, do our best with what means we have; the greater a man's wealth, or the greater his intelligence and ability, then the greater his responsibility. We must work with the full length of our cable tow.

So Masonry teaches us equality of regard. On the floor of the Lodge all men are equal and brothers - equal in our regard, and brothers in the great brotherhood of man.

In Latin libra was a balance, the root of our libration, equilibrium; libella was the diminutive form of the same word, and from it has come our level, an instrument by which a balance is proved, or by which may be detected the horizontal plane. It is closely associated in use with the plumb, by which a line perpendicular to the horizontal is proved. The level is that on which there are no inequalities, hence in Masonry it is correctly used as a symbol of equality. We meet upon the level because Masonic rights, duties, and privileges are the same for all members with-out distinction.

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