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The Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association

The Widows Sons were first established in Illinois in 1998 when a group of Master Masons banded together to provide support for their widows and children. The Widows Sons are the largest Masonic organization of Freemason motorcycle riders in the world. Widows Sons are Masons first and prioritize the tenants and values of this ancient organization.

The second chapter of the Widows Sons was founded in the Netherlands just months after the initial Illinois chapter was established. This quickly vaulted the Widows Sons to international status. Connecticut and Florida formed their own chapters in the subsequent years. All four of these original chapters are still in existence and the longstanding organization has only grown in the following decades. Today, the Widows Sons have chapters across four continents in 30 countries and a total of 40 states.

The Widows Sons are passionate about helping children in need throughout the community. To this end, they partner with a number of local charities that work to assist youth in a variety of ways. Chapters in Massachusetts work with DeMolay, Boston Children's Hospital and the Berwick Boys Foundation among others.

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